Внесувала околу 3.000 калории дневно, а потоа го променила ОВА и изгубила 30 килограми. Ова е нејзината тајна!

Ели Фишер изгубила околу 30 килограми за нешто помалку од една година на потполно здрав начин, а сега ја открива својата тајна.

I thought I would share this one, as it’s come to my attention that sometimes people can take my weight loss journey as one that was easy and fast. One that must of involved trickery or mine was just a special case. When for me, 2017-2018 the first year of properly working out and learning to exercise, was one of the most trying and rewarding and NORMAL weight loss journeys, I could of ever been on. So I thought I’d share a clearer progress collage over the first 2 years POST PARTUM of me vs the normal 2 photo progress shots I post, in hopes that it might bring hope to those that either, feel they aren’t seeing any difference, to those that feel like the end goal is soooo far away, making it hard for them to even start. . The Ely Fisher, pictured at 16months PP clearly doesn’t feel like she’s seeing much difference in the mirror, but looking at the 11month PP photo, and the 16 month photo, the difference is definitely obvious. Every road to self love and self care, is different!! All I can say is keep pushing & keep fighting. Whether your looking at more of a 1 year BBG @sweat transformation, a 6 month transformation or a 3 month transformation, if you just keep moving and just keep trying, you WILL reach your goal, and it will come around a lot faster then you think, if you commit to yourself!! . Also on a side note, I ended up having an iron infusion the week of Oceans 1st Birthday (note this was when I FULLY committed to the BBG programme) and it helped me soooo much. My fatigue was really severe and it was affecting my ability to exercise consistently. As soon as I had my levels checked and sorted, it definitely aided in my ability to keep momentum. A common postpartum issue I wish I’d checked sooner. Let me know where your at in your journey below!! I’d love to encourage you if I’m able🧡💕❤

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Откако се здебелила, почнала да се храни поздраво и редовно да вежба, но клучот на нејзиното брзо слабеење се крие во само една промена која е поврзана со нејзиниот начин на живот. Ели објаснува дека се здебелила бидејќи внесувала околу 3.000 калории дневно, а по здебелувањето открила дека броењето на калориите е она што и помага да почне да води сметка за својата тежина. Таа сакала да се расфрла со пари и да јаде големи и богати оброци за вечера, што значи дека за појадок и ручек јадела помали оброци. Кога почнала да јаде помали вечери, започнало и слабеењето, но таа вели дека не би успеала да ослабе доколку не започнал да вежба, но на начин кој бил забавен и кој не ја исцрпувал.

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Whether it’s 5 kgs, 30 kgs like myself or 60 kgs! It can be done. . My trainer from @rbtgyms told me Arnold Swatzenegger said, the reason he was most successful at what he did, was because he learnt that his body was one smart son of a gun… after one workout, he realised his body was ready for that exact workout again, so he had to constantly SHOCK his body, change it up, surprise it, and that’s how he saw such fast, drastically different results. . I love what my body did to carry my child, I was just about to pop, what I didn’t love was what my body did after having him, it didn’t bounce back the way I thought it would, resulting in me carrying WAAAY more weight then I ever had before in my life, exactly 30kg more. When you have a big belly, it’s hard to see much of the excess weight that slowly creeps on around it… as soon as your belly is empty it is a massive shock, and statistically we then put on more due to hormonal eating and stress eating. . I’m so glad I broke the lie that, that was me forever from now on, and I’m so glad I shocked my body the way I did, and pushed through the pain, exhaustion and lack of motivation at times, it took me a year to start the journey after having Ocean, but better then than never. . Anything worth something comes at a cost, it’s just whether you decide if that something is worth the coin to YOU, and if it is, choose to pay it and work for it, one day at a time.

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Не претерувајте

Ели набргу сфатила како може да ја намали тежината, за почеток вежбала само 30 минути дневно, но со полн интензитет. Таа нагласува дека дури и не мора да се вежба секој ден, туку секој мора да го најде начинот кој најмногу му одговара. За Ели тоа биле 30 минути дневно.

„Правев чучњеви, стомачни, истегнувања само три пати неделно. Ако го правите тоа интензивно и 15 минути е доволно за бргу да забележите разлика“, вели Ели.

Таа избрала да вежба по вежбите на ЈуТјуб, а она што ја предизвикувало да се придржува на вежбањето е фактот што тоа и било забавно.

„Сакав да продолжам со вежбањето кога ќе завршев. Вклучував повеќе видеа едно по друго и продолжував да вежбам“, вели таа.

4 WEEKS! First off, I’m not too sure why I’m wearing my socks here, I guess I didn’t really think about it when I got Tyler to take the photo 🤣 but they are @happysocks and I was pretty happy at the time! It’s also winter here, so enviably, I was cold 😜 I had to swap to my bikinis also coz my chest has gotten so small 🙊🤦🏽‍♀️ whyyyy?!? BUT!!! CAN YOU GUYS SEE DIFFERENCE??? 4 weeks into @rbtgyms 16 week body transformation challenge. I’m currently in better shape then I have been in my entire life! It’s funny how your mindsets change, as you grow. I used to have an eating disorder when I was younger, due to the pressures of wanting to fit in, and look a certain way, all defined by other girls around me. I starved myself, & then had full blown anxiety attacks when it came to the thought of eating something. I was convinced there was something wrong inside my stomach, my mum took me to so many doctors, until one turned around and said it how it was. “If you don’t gain 5 kgs asap, you will be admitted into hospital.” I remember those words so clearly… For a second I thought maybe it would be better in there, as I was being bullied at school at the time. But I came around & realised I didn’t want to be admitted. My goal back then was to just be SKINNY/SLIM, attractive. SO I gained the weight I was told I needed to gain, but I had never really shut down that mindset. I remained what people these days describe as “skinny fat” slim, without muscle/fitness or tone. I’d binge eat, once a week to the point of feeling so sick, and then starve myself for the rest of the week. I wasn’t happy, I was surviving. … Always watching my reflection making sure I looked okay. Boy I don’t miss that & with all the incredible help of @hangryfoodsperth meals. It’s strange to say this, but I’m actually happy I gained 30kgs and ended up in a place that I had to get MYSELF out of! I wouldn’t have learnt how to love myself & care for myself the way I do, without that journey. Don’t let the obstacles & negative moments hold you back in life, let them propel you forward. What mindsets do you look forward to overcoming the most!? I really want us all to encourage each other on here. 🦋🧡💕💫🌴

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Не се чувствувајте лошо бидејќи сте се здебелиле

Ели се чувствувала лошо поради тоа што се здебелила и имала грижа на совест кога ќе пропуштила вежбање, а успеал да ослабне тогаш кога се опуштила.

„Кога прифатив се, успеав. Претходно сама си создавав притисок кој ме спречуваше да дојдам до целта“, раскажува Ели.

Наместо да се лути на себе што пропуштила една серија вежби, таа седнувала и размислувала во врска со тоа и правела план како да не ги пропушти нареден пат. Ели на крај сфатила дека може да пропушти еден ден вежбање за да се одмори и дека такво темпо највеќе и одговара. Така почнала да вежба само три пати неделно и тогаш почнала најмногу да слабее.

„Сакајте се себеси. Навистина верувам дека вежбањето и посветувањето на себе и своето тело претставува едно од најважните правила за сите оние кои сакаат да ослабнат. Научете да се сакате себеси“, вели Ели.

Таа додава дека никогаш немала тело какво што сакала, но кога почнала да се сака себеси, добила самодоверба, енергија и радост. После една година сфатила дека требала да почне да се сака себеси за да го добие телото што отсекогаш го сакала.

I HAVE SOME EXCITING NEWS!!!! 🌈💕🌴🧡🌱 I am taking on an insane 16 week body transformation challenge. As of today myself and @itylerfisher have become @rbtgyms ambassadors!! What is even MORE exciting is my beautiful AMERICANS!! RBT GYMS now have 2 locations in your country!!!! I can finally suggest a place you can visit and trial!! 😱😍💕🧡 RBT is across Australia!! Anyway, some info, RBT gyms run off of a result based training system. Every session you have a personal trainer, every week you have a thorough body scan, you have your own goals that they literally thrive to have you meet, while pumping good music. You are given a food diary, that must be sent into your coach every night to keep you accountable, while they tell you exactly what foods to eat and avoid 🙌🏽 Any injury you walk in with is catered to. You have different sessions times to choose from and attend that work with your schedule, along with a team of of yelling, enthusiastic, passionate trainers. Every workout is different, which I LOVE. They even have yoga on saturdays! I’ve lifted weights I didn’t know I could lift, I’ve done my first ever, barbell deadlift and broken my plank record in the first 2 sessions (however I still really suck at planks and pushups haha). Anyway! I cannot WAIT to show you my progress, as my goal is to lean up, strengthen, and really see all of my muscle that I’ve built and am yet to build! I’m going to do weekly updates if you guys are keen? and snap away my experience and progress over the next 16 weeks! In the mean time, I definitely urge you to go check out their BEFORE AND AFTER photos on their @rbtgyms page for inspiration while getting an idea of what they do! . I’ve never gym’d this way before it’s like my favourite HIIT style but with weights and direction, I fell in love with it after ONE session. It’s so unique and truely result based! I looove rocking up and knowing I don’t have to think about anything, I do what they tell me, I send in my food diary and I have so much fun 🌈#rbtgyms 📸: @stevencutri

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